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Fun Facts: Bichon Frise:

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Bichon Frise are not only adorable to look at but make wonderful, loving, lively, entertaining companions and family dogs. They love you unconditionally and never worry about how you look or what you are wearing. Bichon Frises return the love you give them one hundred fold. Here are some interesting or weird facts about Bichon Frise and other dogs that you probably never knew.

Did you know that centuries ago Spanish sailors going from continent to continent used Bichon Frise to greet people and as barter because of their merry, lively temperament? They were perfect as a working Spanish boat dog because they did not require a lot of exercise, were non-shedding, and disliked water, so were unlikely to jump overboard.

Did you know that for the first few weeks of life, Bichon Frise puppies sleep approximately ninety percent of the day? In addition, until around twelve days old, they eyes are not fully open. All puppies are born toothless, deaf, and blind.

Did you know there is a pet clothing company that actually makes ‘Oscar Imitation’ mock couture gowns that famous celebrities wore to the Oscars for Bichon Frise and other dogs? They make tuxedos for the male dogs.

Did you know that in the United States alone, they estimate that the number of owned dogs at approximately sixty-eight million not including all the homeless ones?

Did you know that some famous artists depicting Bichon Frises somewhere in their works included Francisco de Goya of Spain? In his painting of the Duchess of Alba, he depicts a tiny Bichon Frise the height of her gown hem. Other artists were Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) who was President of England’s Royal Academy and Titian of Italy (1490-1576).

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Did you know that until the French Revolution, all the Kings of France had Bichon Frise? From 1574 to 1589, Henry III used ribbons to carry a basket tied around his neck in which to hold his beloved Bichon Frises so they were always with him. He was unhappy separated from his pets during the day for any length of time.

Did you know that a Bichon Frises hair, just like a human’s hair, never stops growing?

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Did you know that they pampered and treated the royal court Bichon Frises as though they had royal blood during Napoleon III reign from 1852 to 1870?

Did you know that in the United States, owners have named their dogs as the primary beneficiaries in over one million wills?

Did you know that chocolate contains Theobromine, which is a substance similar to caffeine, and can make your Bichon Frise violently ill or even kill your pet?

There are many weird and interesting facts about the Bichon Frise breed, but takes knowing one to get the full benefit of this amazing dog.

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