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Special offer on Microchipping:

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Special offer on Microchipping:

New laws regarding Microchipping:

 Agriculture Minister Simon Conveney revealed plans in the Dail Eireann that all dogs have to be micro-chipped, to help protect the welfare of the dog.  The deadlines have not been made public yet.

We are running a special offer, starting this month, for all animals to get a microchip at areduced rate of E20.00.  To avail of this great offer please contact the office on 0539145755 and we will make an appointment for you.  Ring early to avoid disapointment.

What is micro-chipping?

Micro-chipping is a simple & effective way to make sure that your dog can be easily identified, should they get lost or stolen.  All information is set up on a computerised datatbase system for easy traceability.

How does micro-chipping work?

A microchip about the size of a grain of rice is inserted under the skin on the back of your pets neck.  This coded inserted chip remains a permanent means of identification for your pet and stores its personal id number which can be read using a scanner, which in turn is traced on the database back to its owner.

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